Accounting, tax and social assistance

Accounting, tax and social assistance

We do all the work that allows your company to be in good standing with respect to its accounting, tax, social and legal obligations, including:

Management of the accounting file

  • The organization of accounting documents;
  • Keeping the accounts in accordance with the accounting system of the companies;
  • Keeping of the legal accounting records: Inventory book and centralized journal listed and initialled at the registry of the Court of First Instance;
  • The approval of the regulatory financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and notes to the financial statements).

Management of the social file

  • Management of employment contracts
  • Management of internship contracts (SIVP, mandatory practical training, etc...);
  • Establishment of payroll (cards and payroll);
  • Establishment of quarterly declarations of wages;
  • Advice for social optimization;
  • Correspondence management with the CNSS
  • Correspondence management with the Labour Inspectorate

Tax file management

  • Establishment of all tax declarations required by the legislation in force, in particular: the monthly declarations, the annual declaration of IS, the statements of the instalments, the declaration of employer, the quarterly declarations of the operations with suspension of VAT, the optionally;
  • Establishment of the single tax package;
  • Answering questions concerning the taxation of your company;
  • Drafting of letters of consultation of the General Directorate of Studies and Tax Legislation (DGELF).

Administrative and legal management  

  • Management of correspondence with the public administrations;
  • Establishment of minutes of ordinary and extraordinary meetings;
  • Establishment of share transfer contracts;
  • Status update when needed.

Financial Management and Reporting

  • Monitoring of bank accounts and credits ;
  • Forecast cash management ;
  • Investment management ;
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting.

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