CKT – Audit is an accounting firm, registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia since November 1999.


CKT – Audit has been affiliated with the International network “Leading Edge Alliance” (LEA Global) since January 2006.

CKT AUDIT Director

CKT AUDIT is headed by M. Khaled THABET, chartered accountant and member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia since 1999.

M. Khaled THABET led several missions in most of the areas of intervention of chartered accountants (Statutory Auditing, Assistance & Advice, Project Auditing, Business Creation, Professional Training, University Education, etc.).

Means and Strengths

CKT -AUDIT is endowed with all the means those allow it to ensure the missions entrusted in the best conditions of quality and deadlines.


Human Resources

A rich team of experienced and highly qualified accountants, reviewers and auditors.


Professional training

All Cabinet staffs periodically follow training actions to consolidate and develop their skills, expertise, and know-how.


IT resources

CKT AUDIT is equipped with IT resources best suited to its activities. All assignments are conducted using dedicated software and computer applications.


EDM system

CKT AUDIT is equipped with an EDM system allowing the electronic management of documents and exchanges by all reliable electronic means.


Quality control

The IT tools used by the firm include integrated quality controls, to produce summary reports and systematically controlled reports. These reports are reviewed according to formalized and standardized procedures, enabling the delivery of high quality reports.


Final Reports

All deliverables and reports produced are examined and reviewed according to formalized and standardized procedures, thus making it possible to deliver financial statements, declarations and reports of very high quality.

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